Change the minds of evildoers…for good!

MINDHACK is a text adventure game where you meet unique evildoers, hack their minds, and rewrite them into happy people!


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MINDHACK is a text adventure game where you change evildoers into happy-go-lucky saints.
You are the “Doctor”, a genius hacker who can destroy minds with the power of programming.
Meet unique evildoers and hack their minds to rewrite them into happy people.
No matter how heinous they are, they’ll turn into docile sheep once they’ve been in your hands!
Enjoy the pleasure of destroying minds.


The story of MINDHACK is set in a world based on both fantasy and our modern society.
Meet characters with unique appearances and backgrounds, like a sea urchin who also happens to be a gang leader, a fanatic of a cult religion who believes that he’s a cabinet, a monster from outer space, and even a fatal glitch plotting the end of the world…!?
Hack such evildoers, rewrite their minds, and reform them into benign citizens!

You are the Doctor, whose duty is to remove BUGs: destructive impulses that hide within people’s souls. Along with a supercomputer and a security force, you fight day and night at an institution created solely to deal with these BUGs!
Will you be able to defeat the catastrophic BUG, the “FATAL ERROR”, before it destroys the world…!?


During the adventure portion, you will meet and interact with various evildoers in a dystopian world. All of the characters have unique and tricky personalities. The main character’s hands are always displayed on the game screen, embellishing your conversations with vibrant animation.

During the hacking portion, you will type out code to unlock an evildoer’s memories and explore their past. As you read through their memories, you may find that people aren’t as they seem…? After you understand who they really are, a typing sequence will begin in order to rewrite their mind. Type out keywords connected to their souls and turn them into flowers, changing the evildoer into a harmless and benign person!