“MINDHACK” Guidelines on Derivative Works, Fan Activities, Gameplay Videos, and Streaming


[April 6th, 2023 – Version 2]
Added specifics based on the early access version release
Added specifics on assets for gameplay videos and streaming
Added English-language guidelines


General guidelines

1. These guidelines apply to non-commercial, non-profit individual usage cases.
For commercial usage cases, please contact vodkademo@gmail.com for more information. Please keep in mind that we may need some time to confirm the necessary information and respond.

2. If your derivate works, fan activities, gameplay videos, or streaming follow these guidelines, you do not need to request our permission or to report to us in any way.

3. Even if your content follows these guidelines, do not state, suggest, or imply that your work is officially recognized or approved “MINDHACK” content.

4. Content that significantly impacts the game’s reputation in a negative way or that goes against public standards of decency is prohibited.
If the “”VODKAdemo?”” team finds such content, they may take action to take it down.

5. If we establish that your derivative works, fan activities, gameplay videos, or streaming go beyond personal use for non-profit purposes, or if they promote extreme political ideologies, we may take action to take down your content without prior notice, regardless of whether it has already been published or distributed.

6. All characters, facilities, organizations, and locations that appear in “MINDHACK” are entirely fictional and have no relation to real-life counterparts. Moreover, depictions within this work, including those of inhumane behavior, are for the sake of artistic expression, and there is no intention to promote any extremist ideologies or actions. We ask that those engaging in derivative works, fan activities, gameplay videos, and streaming adhere to this principle.

7. In “MINDHACK,” we have used some materials from free material sites. Please refrain from contacting these sites regarding “MINDHACK.”

8. The VODKAdemo team reserves the right to update the content of these guidelines at any time.



Please refer to guidelines A for guidelines regarding derivative works and other fan activities.

Please refer to guidelines B for guidelines regarding video streaming or the uploading of gameplay videos on streaming websites and other platforms.



A. Derivative works and other fan activities

You may create derivative work and engange in other fan activities for the VODKAdemo? game “MINDHACK,” in accordance with the following conditions:

1. Do not use copyrighted materials from the game, such as character illustrations or logos.

2. Do not create or publish content that may be mistaken for official VODKAdemo? content.

3. Do not infringe on the intellectual property rights of any third parties.

4. Adult-only content is allowed, but please refrain from posting it in places accessible to minors or in places where it may cause discomfort to others.

5. Please be aware that the VODKAdemo? team may view or mention derivative works on social media.

6. Make sure to read the “General Guidelines” section of these guidelines.


You are free to do the following in relation to “MINDHACK”, so long as you do it for your own enjoyment or that of you peers and not with the main intention of turning a profit:

  • Create and release small personal publications, such as fanzines and doujinshi; memorabilia, fan videos, and other fan-content, but only within the scope of personal, non-commercial activities.
  • Host events with the purpose of distributing fan works, but only within the scope of enjoyment as a fan and not as a commercial activity.
  • Generate profits from distributing fan works and holding events related to fan activities, but only within the scope of enjoyment as a fan and not as a commercial activity.


B. Gameplay videos and streaming

You may upload gameplay videos or stream “MINDHACK,” in accordance with the following conditions:

1. Include one of the following links in the description:

2. Be mindful of major spoilers and warn the audience as needed.

3. Significantly damaging the image of the game, using the game for explicitly sexual content, and any other acts that violate public order and morals are prohibited.

4. Refrain from using content that violates or might violate third-party (such as intellectual property rights.)

5. If requested by VODKAdemo?, promptly take the video down.

6. VODKAdemo? does not provide any guarantees regarding the publication or distribution of videos. Additionally, we do not provide compensation for any damages or disputes with third parties resulting from the use of VODKAdemo?’s works.

7. Make sure to read the “General Guidelines” section of these guidelines.

You can use the following assets in your videos*, including the thumbnails:

MINDHACK Thumbnail materials

*The use of these assets for derivative works, fan activities, etc. is prohibited.
Only use them for gameplay videos and streaming.